Super Green Kratom

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Current kratom users very well know Super Green Kratom because this strain is very powerful and solid; this strain is made from pure green vein kratom, which we process following good manufacturing practices and, of course, followed by lab tests to produce quality kratom.

Super Green has a different character from other green variants. Namely, the bright green color and the distinctive aroma have made this strain very popular lately.

We highly recommend Super Green or Super Green Vein for new kratom users, which are strains that provide an energy boost and immune boost effects.

25 reviews for Super Green Kratom

  1. Jordan M

    I’ve relied on Indonesian Kratom Supply to supply my Kratom since moving out of the city to a small town in the middle of nowhere. They’ve been a quick and dependable source for my Kratom. Thank you very much!

  2. Paul S

    I would recommend giving this green strain a try.

  3. Nick H

    I love the super green! I prefer greens, and this one is at the top of my list!

  4. Rachel S

    IKS is incredible. The Kratom is of incredible quality. And it’s also very cheap. It’s strong and potent, and it arrived in less 10 days from Indo. Unreal. I’m so glad I found this website.

  5. Linda J

    My boyfriend’s absolute favorite strain! We’ve been ordering it every time we make a purchase! The quality is excellent!!! His focus is always on point and he mixes extremely well!

  6. Fiona R

    Excellent company that uses third-party testing. Always reliable.

  7. Peter F

    This is my personal favorite. At the moment, I’m getting rid of my super greens bag, but my green Maegda still works great, and it’s the only one I have for the photo.

  8. Lisa P

    I find that taking powder kratom works best for me. It is the most effective for my requirements. I’ve tried a few different kinds. My favorite is the maeng da.

  9. Michelle B

    Always a good brand to experiment with.. great for daytime use.. but it took 11 days to arrived, well it’s worthed tho!

  10. Josh G

    It provides energy, which is why I purchase it.

  11. Marianne R

    I appreciate you and this product for helping me get through my days.

  12. Charlie B

    My favorite green is this one! provides me with a lot of energy and unquestionably improves my mood. Excellent quality as always. I’ll never do business with anyone else…

  13. Jack D

    Outstanding quality and customer care.

  14. Bob S

    As usual, a fantastic product. Outstanding customer service and quick delivery.

  15. Emma L

    It worked really well for my morning aches and pains. Definitely one to keep!

  16. Krysten M

    Excellent for any occasion! This one is great on its own or mixed with other favorites!

  17. Jimmy Bander

    nice tea, affordable, and quick delivery. I’ll do business with them once more.

  18. Arthur C

    I don’t know how I would start my day without Super Green. I will never be without this strain. This relaxes my stiff body and allows me to begin my day. This strain is fantastic!

  19. Michael J

    Amazing Super Green! makes my list of all-time favorites in the green version.

  20. Jason S

    I bought three different varieties and have only opened one bag. If the quality is anything like the opened bag, it will be excellent.

  21. Chris N

    This strain significantly reduced my fatigue during the workday!

  22. Richard M

    My personal favorite. It’s a great all-day balance. It’s not going to knock you out like some reds, and it’s not going to make you nervous like some whites.

  23. Edwin R

    The most calming strain ever!

  24. Tim L

    This green helps you start your day off right, feeling good and ready to go! If you like your greens, this is a must-have.

  25. Greg N

    Excellent product and a pleasure to work with.

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