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Indonesian Kratom Supply — Since 2015, has been known as the premier Kratom supplier by the majority of Kratom enthusiasts worldwide.

All of our products are Lab Tested & 100% Organic.


Kratom is an alias for Mitragynine, which is one of the active components in the South Asian plant (Mitragyna Speciosa). It is absolutely non-psychoactive, which means it will have no effect on your mental state.

Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the beneficial effects of Kratom, with new uses being proposed every year.

Millions of Society are reaching for Kratom these days — each with their own motivations for using the Natural Herb.

- each with their own motivations for using the Natural Herb.

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We believe that purchasing Kratom online should be an easy, stress-free, and joyful experience. We’re also committed to offering only the best Kratom to folks who want to improve their lives naturally. We mix lab-tested Kratom purity with cheap rates, and we ship globally directly from Indonesian Kratom Supply.

Kratom Powder

While Kratom Powder are an excellent and cost-effective way of using Kratom, if you don’t like the grassy taste of natural Kratom powder, or simply prefer using other forms — like our crushed leaf.

Kratom Crushed Leaf

Kratom tea is a popular beverage made from the leaves of the kratom tree — It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and many people find it to be a refreshing and energizing alternative to coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Making kratom tea is easy, and there are a variety of ways to do it.


From the Ancient to the Hyped one, from Papua to Burma — We developed more than 20 strains with almost more than 80 varieties accross the South East Asian countries just to Provides our customers with a Premium Kratom and Experience that they can trust in.

At Indonesian Kratom Supply, we only provide high-quality kratom products directly from the source. This means that all of our kratom products are fresh, natural, 100% organic, and lab-tested – not to mention that we have over 50 strains available from from various locations and farms around South East Asia, particularly Indonesia.

We’ve come a long way, and our experiences have taught us a lot about how to maintain expanding and offering innovation in the kratom market as a kratom source, manufacturer, and supplier. All of our strains are sourced from experienced and sustainable fair-trade farms.

All our Kratom products is produced and processed in our main facility in West Borneo - Indonesia.


Premium Quality Kratom at the Best Prices

The Kratom market is very loosely regulated, which is why many consumers out there have wasted their money on bad products.


Although we can’t undo the orders you’ve made, we can ensure that everything we’re shipping out is of the utmost quality. We have no interest in marketing products that aren’t the best — nor are we interested in charging unfair prices for this important supplement.

Why Choose Us?

Since beginning — We aimed to gauge the Kratom community to make our products as top-notch as possible. We received a ton of excellent feedback and took this feedback to heart.

Here’s some highlights for what makes Indonesia Kratom Supply your best choice for your one-stop kratom solutions.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Any premium Kratom company that doesn’t take this step should be avoided. It’s become an industry standard — and for good reason.

Directly From The Source

We take a lot of pride in the Kratom we’ve been able to source. our farmers that grow the Kratom we’re using take their profession vert seriously and have generations of horticultural experience in their blood.

Worldwide Shipping

No need to worries about importing Kratom products from us, we do safe, fast shipping to any countries in the world complete with all proper paperwork.

100% Happiness Guarantee

If our botanicals don’t bring a little sunshine into your life, then we are not doing the job we set out to do. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can brighten your experience.

Best Prices Guarantee

We are not middle man, we are not third-party, we are the manufacturer that's why you will get the better prices, better products and better experieces.

Kratom Alternatives ​

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh.

Find the most powerfull herb and botanicals simillar to Kratom such as Mitragyna Hirsuta & Mitragyna Javanica

Wide Selection Products

We offer products ranging from crushed leaves to powder, blend and original, mitragyna speciosa, mitragyna hirsuta, mitragyna javanica, and more — Get some of the most exciting, most sought-after blends.


Kratom B2B Services

Do you want to get into the Kratom business or want to own your Kratom Shop? Our B2B services offer custom labeling. Create your own Kratom brand product with our services.

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Bret F.
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I admit that I was skeptical about Indo kratom vendors at first but after placing an order with Indonesian Kratom Supply, now Iam a regular buyer of their products!
Clara B.
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The shipping is as estimated, traceable, very good quality product, and very easy communication. Thanks!
George W.
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Only this vendor has consistent products, we have cooperated for 3 years. neither I nor the customers have ever been disappointed about the product.
Dave N.
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t's the first time I ever write a review for anything but this company deserves it. Not only are they quick and helpful with their responses but the attention paid ti the customer is on point. Not to mention the parcel arrived even earlier than planned and the product is phenomenal. What else can you ask for? 100% Recommend

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