Green Thai Kratom

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Green Thai Kratom powder is one of the many flagship products of Indonesian Kratom Supply. This strain we process exclusively using selected green vein leaves that we pick directly from the source. With our experience as a kratom supplier for almost a decade and applying good manufacturing practices (GMP) and agricultural ethics to all our farmers, we believe that our Green Borneo Kratom Powder is the best available today.

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12 reviews for Green Thai Kratom

  1. Federico N

    I sometimes struggle to find my go-to while also keeping it loose; this is definitely one I’d want to reach for more frequently.

  2. Leo F

    This was an excellent quality product.

  3. Zachary L

    This strain offers a perfect balance of energizing relief and soothing benefits! Yes, I’ll buy again.

  4. Daniele F

    Green thai was a refreshing change from my usual Green Malay and Super Green. You need to change it up every week to keep your body from becoming tolerant, and Green thai was a great smooth, lively, and clean pick.

  5. Thomas D

    I’ve tried a lot of various brands, and this one is quite high in my opinion. I would unquestionably suggest it to anyone searching for high-quality kratom.

  6. Natasha S

    Another new fave, ideal for late-night relaxation.

  7. Eddie B


  8. Seth


  9. Raphael M

    I adore Borneo. I’m covered in r/a. I’ve tried various reds, but this is hands down the finest. I take it in the morning with elephant and feel better within 30 minutes. Definitely a 5 star rating.

  10. Denise M

    I’m always interested in trying different strains. This one is only okay.

  11. Mellinda

    As always, excellent kratom and service.

  12. Nicholas G

    Very nice

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