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Unlike the Borneo or Kapuas strains, whose names are taken from where they come from, Bali Kratom Strain is a strain that was named because it was inspired by an exotic area full of natural wealth and beautiful scenery. Bali is an icon of the Indonesian state because it has many attractive tourist and cultural attractions. Red Bali itself is made from pure Red vein kratom originating from West Borneo, Indonesia.
Red Bali kratom powder has characteristics similar to Red Kapuas or Red Borneo, as for the properties provided by this strain, namely as an energy booster, increasing the mood and immunity of its users.

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32 reviews for Red Bali Kratom

  1. Mike V

    Incredible product, service, and delivery. After experiencing Indonesian Kratom Supply, I will never buy from anyone else. Thank you for your hard work and excellent quality!!

  2. Tim L

    Excellent product at an excellent price. Arrives earlier than anticipated. I’ll keep shopping at This Store.

  3. Hendrick E

    Ideal for the evening

  4. Jeff H

    Good value and product!

  5. Jade K

    I usually start my day with a red bali and a green. It improves my mood and reduces my discomfort. My personal favorite.

  6. Charles R

    Calming and extremely relaxing. Excellent service as well. Without a doubt, the best!

  7. Johnathan F

    Excellent products and quick delivery

  8. Will J

    Excellent customer service and a high-quality product.

  9. Susan S

    Good quality

  10. Melannie S

    There is no comparison to Red Bali from other sources, which I have tried. It aids in focus and does give me a nice vibe when I take it in the morning along with Green Elephant. Shipping is quick and precise as usual.

  11. David N

    more powerful and with a milder flavor. It’s best to take a modest amount in the evenings.

  12. Jeremy M

    These items are fantastic. The customer service is exceptional. The kratom is fresh and of decent quality.

  13. Howard T

    Very effective, some of the greatest Bali I’ve found from any vendor so far, keep doing the good job.

  14. James T

    Hands down, the greatest Bali I’ve ever had. better than the red explosion Wonderful sensation. My favorite hue because of the calm it brings. The shipping schedule was very amazing, since it was ordered on a Friday and mailed by USPS, yet it came the very following working day! I also like how any questions you have concerning the affects are answered.

  15. Marry J

    This is my go-to for a perfect afternoon! After a long day, less is more, and a little more at night for undeniable comfy cozy deep rest! I really enjoy this at night, and my comfy bed is all I need for a truly relaxing and deep sleep! Get up and ready to go! There are no hangover symptoms; instead, you will feel refreshed!

  16. John F

    One of my go-to favorites is this. seems to improve my mood and relieve my persistent back pain.

  17. Hayley G

    Excellent quality and a positive vibe. If you want a deep, restful sleep, this is the right kratom for you.

  18. Ruby S

    This is one of my favorites as well. It improves my concentration and the quality is excellent!

  19. Cliff B

    I normally start my day with a red bali and a green. It improves my mood and reduces my suffering. My personal fave.

  20. Martin S

    Red Bali kratom power is excellent, it’s very good for normal anxiety, because I have trouble sleeping, and what I like about it is that if I wake up in the middle of the night, I take a little bit extra and help me to go back to bed, and without realizing I fall asleep, wake up fresh and ready. Thank you kats for your hard work, and for being concerned about reviews stating Wild red bali kratom poweror the well-being of others.

  21. Jason M

    It was fantastic!

  22. Angela W

    The ideal way to cap off a long day. The quality is outstanding!

  23. Kevin P

    I had a problem at checkout and called for assistance. I received it quickly and professionally.

  24. Kelly B

    This product does everything. And I am sincerely refraining from indulging in what may appear to be exaggeration. Don’t pass up this opportunity. Purchase it right away – your body and mind will thank you!

  25. Dustin T

    This strain helps me relax..

  26. Martin M

    This is my go-to for an afternoon ideal zone! Less is preferable after a long day, and a bit more at night for unmistakable warm toasty deep relaxation! I really like this at night, and my comfortable bed is all I need for a very relaxing and deep sleep! Get ready to go! There are no hangover symptoms, only a sense of being rejuvenated!

  27. Elly S

    Very soothing strain. Rest like a baby.

  28. Andrew K

    It was fantastic! Excellent quality and a lovely color!

  29. Mohammed L

    Wonderful work!!

  30. Ted L

    A nice way to end the day.

  31. Rocky L

    Everything was perfect and exactly as described. Very calming and ideal for evening relaxation. Thank you so much! You are the best.

  32. Amanda P

    I’ve never found a better way to unwind in the evening.

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