Red Elephant Kratom

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Red Elephant Kratom produced by our farmer is a high-level product because we process it by choosing the best types of leaves and coming from the best sources too. Our testing lab confirms the concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the plant phytochemicals that are largely responsible for this strain’s powerful effects.

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7 reviews for Red Elephant Kratom

  1. Jamie C

    Great. Thanks

  2. Sean R

    Very peaceful and relaxing.

  3. Gary B

    A really relaxing strain. This, combined with some red borneo, makes an ideal nighttime combination.

  4. Martin E

    Okay. Thanks

  5. Vince M

    excellent in the evening to unwind before bed

  6. Claire S

    Excellent Kratom and lightning-fast delivery!

  7. Alfred H

    I’m not opposed to this strain, but it gives me a calm energy. You’ll appreciate it if you combine it with some green.

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