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Green Maeng Da Kratom powder is one of the many flagship products of Indonesian Kratom Supply. This strain we process exclusively using selected green vein leaves that we pick directly from the source. With our experience as a kratom supplier for almost a decade and applying good manufacturing practices (GMP) and agricultural ethics to all our farmers, we believe that our Green Borneo Kratom Powder is the best available today.

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40 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom

  1. Katie H

    My daughter only takes it, and she adores your products. Andy, thank you for your advice!

  2. Declan M


  3. Ivan B

    Happy for this Great Green Meang Da, and this product is a pleasure to work with.

  4. Nicola J

    The standard is satisfactory. The price is reasonable, and the benefits are excellent. I’ve purchased a variety of kratom products from Indonesian Kratom Supply, and they have yet to disappoint me. I will be a repeat customer.

  5. Henry F

    This is my preferred kratom strain. It gives me an energy boost. As usual, excellent packaging and service.

  6. Chris R

    Alright. Good

  7. ROB G

    There are no bad Maeng Da. One is thus not an exception.

  8. Tom H

    Excellent work. I always place my orders with them.

  9. Keaton D

    This product is effective. I’ve been in pain as a result of an accident. My left shoulder and lower back were injured. Both require surgical repair. The pain can leave me incapacitated for days at a time. The Green Maeng Da relieves my pain and allows me to function. This is my experience with this product, and it has been a blessing in relieving my pain. This product comes highly recommended by me.

  10. Randy B

    This green is nice. Normally, I don’t care for green. This new one helps motivate people.

  11. Greg Hall

    Thank you very much!!! I couldn’t have found a better vendor online. Excellent quality!

  12. Mark M

    I like this one a lot, great energy

  13. Willy A

    Awesome product! Great!

  14. Mellanie

    This is the way to go if you want to boost your game. A small amount goes a long way.

  15. Emma V

    This is a staple item that I always keep in our home. The overall health advantages are AMAZING!!!

  16. Kattie J

    This is a must-have item in our house!!!!! The overall health benefits are OUTSTANDING!!!

  17. Julia G

    What a fantastic product!

  18. Marrianne R

    Your goods are excellent. Such superb caliber. I’ll never make a purchase from anyone else. Additionally, the costs are reasonable. I appreciate the pure product you provided because it makes my daily life easier. YOU ARE OUTSTANDING!

  19. William S

    Great supplier to work with and a fantastic product.

  20. Ronny W

    This kratom variety is my go-to variety. I feel more energized as a result. As always, amazing packing and service.

  21. John C

    I like this one a lot, great energy.

  22. Arturo C

    Thanks Admin for your recommendation! It is very helpful!

  23. Alicia M

    I want to thank you since your green maeng da is the greatest I’ve ever tasted. The shipping was quick, and I want to keep buying more from you because it’s so great.

  24. Freddy H

    I experimented with a different strain. I usually go with the White. For me, the Green maeng da is a little stronger. We must take less. Excellent work! Excellent for anxiety.

  25. Paul G

    I started with this strain. I adore MDs, and green MD is a classic that I frequently turn to when deciding which strain to purchase. Great for boosting energy or relaxing.

  26. Alex J

    best green maeng da I’ve ever had. Very powerful! Great for boosting energy, attitude, and relief all at once!

  27. Chris A

    Excellent and powerful in a manner related to maeng da, good to have in rotation, new favorite!

  28. Shanon G

    My favorite, Green Maeng Da, is great for unwinding and relieving after a long day.

  29. Gilbert P

    When I need a little extra calmness with my energy, I definitely like blending this with one of my whites.

  30. Hubert N

    Love this strain!

  31. Salvadore K

    EXCELENT! Work in a very short-staffed, very busy printing company, all while carrying around 60 extra covid pounds. a little in the morning, a little in the afternoon I run around here like a 20-year-old gym rat!!!

  32. Ricky D

    Excellent even energy. I’d buy it again.

  33. Donny D

    The green meng da that I receive is excellent. I’ve hopped around from site to site in the past, but I’ve found my kratom home right here. Their products are consistently excellent.

  34. Ian F

    The green maeng da is amazing! Great for getting things done at work/around the house, all around energy boost! This stuff is high quality grade A in my book. Folks if you want a good get-er done strain this is the one.

  35. Ron J

    The quality is top-notch. I have heard nothing but positive things about the quality. For pain treatment, I typically blend green and red, and my go-to energy drink is green Maeng Da.

  36. Anna G

    I am grateful to God for giving the world this plant because it is perfect for me.

  37. Benjamin R

    Green Maeng da is awesome!

  38. Hudson Jr

    I’ve tried maeng da from other vendors, and a lot of it left me exhausted, so I never understood why maeng da is so well-liked. Nice energetic green. Now that I know, this is pleasant and energizing, just as I had anticipated; it’s best in the morning or early afternoon.

  39. Ronny I

    Excellent high-quality kratom.

  40. Robert D

    The green maeng da is fantastic! Great for boosting energy and getting things done at work or around the house! In my opinion, this is high-quality grade A material. Folks, if you’re looking for a good get-er-done strain, this is it.

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